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    828 mile road trip this weekend! and road tested mods...


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    828 mile road trip this weekend! and road tested mods...

    Post by Smrf on Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:51 pm

    The Smrfmobile is a Piaggio MP3 250 (cc engine) with 8" standard wheel Tow Pac kit.

    I went from my home (south San Francisco bayarea) to Claremont (20 miles east of Los Angeles) and back Saturday morning til late Sunday evening via HWY 101


    left home 0045 Saturday, arrived Claremont 1030 (including lots of pitstops, a couple of glitches [non-scoot related] and getting lost for an hour)
    left Claremont 1045 Sunday, arrived home 1900 (7pm for those non-military Americans) [a couple more non-scoot related glitches and pitstops]

    temperature 35-95 degrees F according to the factory thermostat on the scoot (BTW anyone know how accuracte these are??)

    elevation sea level to 1500 feet

    top speed 79 MPH (per GPS speedo)
    average travel spped was 65-70 MPH
    slowest with throttle open all the way 45 MPH while climbing hill to reach 1500 feet elevation

    I received my set of Extra Heavy Weight Vibration Dampering barends from on Friday after work just in time to install them and hit the road. I definitely could feel the difference with having them and they are definitely keepers.

    Pro Pad Gel seat pad has been in use for a couple of months now but after this long trip I know it's worth the money. I experienced no numbness during my trip.

    I loved having my S48 Coocase for a topcase and my pair of Givi E41 sidecases. I used one E41 for emergency supplies/repairs and the other held my lugggage and it made for a quick disconnect at the hotel to bring it inside and pull clothes straight out of it.

    If you don't own one already, I highly recommend a Crampbuster for your throttle. I didn't have a fixed cruise control but the Crampbuster did it's job fabulously.

    A mod I would like to do but haven't yet is changing out the factory headlight with a PIAA bulb. I found riding at night on unfamilair road with little to no additional lighting at 60 MPH I was overdriving my headlight beams...I'd hope that a PIAA would give me better visiability to allow 70 MPH riding with no extra street lighting.

    I was happy to be home but oh WOW what a trip. I'm definitely much more in tune with the Smrfmobile and know what he can and can't do. I'd do the ride again but would skip the night riding unless absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for reading, I just wanted to share my latest adventure with the group!

    Stay safe, Smrf n the Smrfmobile

    PS. My fuel stats below haven't been updated yet from the trip.
    gas...always use premium...cost of gas less than $50
    smiling the whole way...PRICELESS

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