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    Honda Helix Mini

    Post by walterdunn on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:14 pm

    This is in response (elsewhere) that there are problems with quality.

    I have installed a Tow-Pac kit on my 1997 Helix. I have built experimental airplanes, motorcycles and cars. I have welded for many years. Having said that is to introduce my next statement. I find that the quality of construction on the kit to be quite acceptable. Nowhere do I find substandard welds or parts. The fenders are proper thickness and material. However, I did make modification to the installation by moving the wheels 1.5 inches to the rear, and adding an adapter plate to attach to the main scooter frame hanger. This allowed me to check the oil without busting my knuckles and to make it much easier to remove from the scooter. Now I can remove the kit in 10 minutes when I need to check the belt or the air cleaner (cannot while installed). The kit weighs approximate 150 pounds and the performance reflects that exactly. If you put a 150 pound passenger on the scooter, then you can closely expect the same with the kit. When the wheels are adjusted properly, then on a tight turn, it will pick up the inside wheel.

    I have asked that they improve the instructions.

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