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    Frequently Asked Questions about Tow Pac

    Tony Molina

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Tow Pac

    Post by Tony Molina on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:24 am

    Mr. Paul

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    My experience installing on a C50 Blvd.

    Post by Mr. Paul on Mon May 03, 2010 1:25 pm

    I just did an install about 2 weeks ago. One thing, don't forget to put the bullet hubcap on before you mount the wheel. On my first ride the bike almost threw me off going around a corner. Drive slowly. But since then I have been lowering the trike wheels(turn bolt counter clockwise) and the lower I have them, the less tilt I get going around a corner. So I like my trike alot better now. When alligning the wheels, back the bike onto a 2by4, an then tilt the bike, so the wheel you are working on, is off the ground, otherwise you won't get a true allignment. Then ride the bike, and recheck the allignment. When mounting the fender, tape the rubber washer to the inside of the wheel well on the fender. This keeps you from trying to hold it in place while inseting the bolt. Put the front bolts in first on the fender, then the wheel well bolt. I had a problem with the C and D brackets. I think the bend is in the wrong place. So I had a new hole drilled in each and then the bend was at the rear, and the bracket pointed in the direction as the label pointed.I also gave up on using the cotter pin. It seemed to spread the trike assembly too wide. So I just used a nut on the bolt. My email is if you want to ask any questions. Thanks

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